Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Dog Chronicles

For the past several days, we have had the privilege of dog sitting for my sister's dog.  We've done this before and my kids look forward to this opportunity every time it presents itself.  Franny is our little guest's name.  She is a little white bichon with a quirky and endearing personality.  I am not a dog person.  Never have been.  My husband is allergic to most dog breeds - but not Franny.  We have never had any intentions of adding a canine member to our family. Instead, we have always looked at these stays as our "rent-a-dog" experiences - everyone gets their dog fix and then Franny goes home.
However, times are a changin' - the kids have gotten older and have shown great responsibility with taking care of Franny, and are certain that they too would like to have a dog - one that stays here all the time.
We have promised them nothing, but somehow they have picked up on some subtle clues that we don't mind having Franny here so much - and even kind of, well... enjoy her.  So this is the conversation I overheard earlier today while the kids were scootering around the garage:
Maya: Which would you rather have, Joe?  A bunch of Bakugan cards or a dog?
Joe: What kind of Bakugan cards?
Maya: Oh, I don't know - all the kinds you really like, I guess.
Joe: Hmmm...  that's a tough one, Maya.
Maya: Seriously??  We are talkin' about a real live dog here!
Joe: How about 5 Bakugan cards AND a dog?
Maya:  That wasn't the question, Joe.
Joe: Well, I really want a dog too, Maya - but Bakugan cards don't make messes in the yard that you have to clean up.
Maya:  Are you just worried about the poop?
Joe: Yeah.  That's pretty much it.
Maya: Okay, what if you walk the dog and I pick up the poop?
Joe: Maybe.. I guess.
Maya: Joe, we have to get this straight because Mom and Dad will be worried about responsibility stuff and if we don't have our story straight, they are gonna see right through us!  Mom, especially.  She always knows when you are not serious, Joe - so you better not laugh and look all "supicious"and stuff!
I want to remind you that Maya is a first grader and Joe is a fourth grader - you can clearly see who wears the pants in their relationship.  They wrapped up their conversation, and I quickly and quietly moved away from the door.  On cue, they marched into the kitchen and very professionally presented me with their case.  It was going very well... until I asked Joseph some very pointed questions - it was as if I had inside information or something.
Mom: Joe, what if Maya is gone, and the dog makes a mess?  What will happen then?
Joe: (looking at Maya for help) Well... I could just wait until she gets home...
Mom: What if she is at camp for a week?
Maya: (Interrupting now) Mom, I will give Joseph double pairs of rubber gloves... and maybe you can just skip a couple of days of food for the dog or something...  wait, no, I will invent food that doesn't make the dog have to go do a job... no... okay... how about I just don't go to camp ever?
Joe: Yeah...
Maya: Joe! I told you to get your story straight - this is so not working!!!
The Mean Mom strikes again.  The kids are foiled.  However, a second strike is being schemed as we speak.  Stay tuned...

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