Friday, March 11, 2011

Lent and Muppets

I often read blogs.  Blogs about writers, blogs about moms, blogs about art and photography, just whatever catches my whimsy at the moment.  Today, I was lead from one facebook page to a blog and then another, and finally ended up on the blog of a priest.  I don't know him, but he is apparently a friend of a priest I do know.  He had some powerful words to share about Lent.  I was reflecting on his perspective and becoming quite introspective. A nice moment and thoughtful way to end my day.  I decided to read up on this individual a bit more by reading his profile.  This is where I noticed that he likes a variety of movies - "and almost anything with a muppet in it."  A confession of admiration for the beloved muppets totally surprised me.  Who knew?  Parish suppers, long sermons, fall festivals, and First Communions - common thoughts when I think of priests.  Kermit and Miss Piggy?  Not so much.
His affection for these goofy creatures made me like this priest immediately.  I was wishing this guy was the priest at my church so after Communal Penance we could throw "A Muppet Christmas Carol" soundtrack featuring John Denver, on the p.a. system and belt out some tunes with Fozzie, Animal, and the Swedish Chef!  Wouldn't that be something?
The Muppets were a happy part of my childhood.  Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock - now that's entertainment.  I remember waking my cousin's two year old out of an afternoon slumber and loading her up in a station wagon along with four of my cousins - so we could use her as our "excuse" for wanting to see "Follow that Bird."  And what's not to like about a crazed "Animal" growling out rhythms while slamming sticks on a pretend drum set?  Or watching a skinny-legged frog dressed up as a cowboy strutting down main street in an old Western Ghost Town about to have a shoot out with the town villain?
I suppose I feel the same way about the Muppets that my parents felt about Howdy Doody or Clarabel the Clown.  It's just silly, good-hearted fun.  Then when you actually stop and think about the fact that what you are watching on TV or the big screen is a bunch of feathers, googly eyes, and felt - it makes it even more absurd.   Not so long ago, a friend and I actually stayed up the better part of a night, while attending a professional conference, giggling and snorting about bulging eyes and Louie the Shrimp and the beloved "Beaker."  Our colleagues who had the pleasure of listening to us all night, were not as humored.  I guess the Muppets aren't for everyone.
In the end, we all need our own form of silly, pointless entertainment.  Whether that enjoyment comes in the form of felt or otherwise, it's just good for the soul.


  1. My husband and I got all excited at the Hollywood Studios (Disney World) when we got to go to the Muppet 3-D theater. Before the show, Brad and I were telling the kids about the two old guys in the balcony theater seats that will always say something at the very those guys! My kids enjoyed it, but didn't have the fond memories of watching it on TV with your family.

  2. The only thing that helped me through the first two years of motherhood were the regular episodes of Sesame with "current, famous stars" making guest appearances...