Friday, November 5, 2010

Which Way Did You Say?

It ain't easy bein' me.  Everyday.  All day long.  Here's why:  I have the MOST horrendous sense of direction.  I can never find my car in a parking lot, if I happen to be talking while I am driving, I continually miss exits, and while most people have gut instincts about which way to go in unknown parts, I have "opposite" gut instincts. And what's worse is that my Dad and my sister (blood relatives) have this innate sixth sense that allows them to ALWAYS end up in the right place... in the best parking spot... on time... no matter where in the world they are.  I, seem to prefer the roads less travelled - unintentionally. 
So, in a desire to avoid the freeway on my way to pick up the kids from school yesterday, I decided to forge my own path.  This is not the first time I have attempted this - and on most occasions, I have succeeded... eventually.  After a number of wrong turns on county roads and peoples' driveways, I finally ended up at the school with a minute or two to spare.  I've had this issue for most of my life, but was alone in the car a lot more than I am now, and my "problem" is not so much a secret anymore.  Example A: I greeted the kids, helped them put their art projects of glued sugar in the car, and started off on our way home.  I decided to go around the block to avoid a school bus melee on my way out.  And almost simultaneously from the back of the van, I hear:
Kids: "MOM, can we please just go the right way home!"
Mom: "We are going home the right way - I just want to avoid this school bus issue ahead of us."
Six year old: "Well, Ryan's mom (their ride on the way to school) always just goes the right way and never says to us, 'Just look at this beautiful scenery.'"
Mom (getting frustrated): "Don't worry.  We will be home soon."
Six year old (under her breath): "I just hope it's not dark..."
As much as I wanted to begin a fruitless argument with the designated smarty pants, I just ended the conversation and decided I will stick to the boring old same old dumb regular way... for today... little does she know that I am STILL the mom and STILL in charge... even in the dark!

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