Monday, November 8, 2010

Once Upon a Pixie

     Once upon a time, there was a little girl who owned a pixie costume.  The costume was complete with golden wings, a fluffy tutu, a happy green frock and of course, a magic wand.  She loved her pixie costume the minute she saw it among all the other costumes at the store.  When her mother agreed to buy it for her for the upcoming Halloween, she showered her with hugs and kisses.  Later, as she and her mother were leaving the store with the pixie costume safely tucked away in the depths of the store bag, the little girl wondered aloud if the costume came with magic pixie dust.   And if it didn't, could she please have some?  And would it be okay if her mother found her a special pouch in which to hold the precious dust?  She also wondered if golden sparkle hair spray could be added to the list of items to be attained.  The mother quietly pondered these requests and replied with a patient, caring, "We'll see."
     The mother had been so pleased with herself that she had been able to acquire such an affordable costume and that her little girl seemed so enamoured with the new ensemble.  But as the mother and little girl located their car in the parking lot and neared the trunk of their vehicle, the little girl announced that she would also be in need of new green tights, new glittery shoes, and a new tiara (her other four would not be appropriate).  Now the mother was beginning to feel a little frustrated and a little... well... irritated with her little girl's behavior and apparent need for so many accouterments.  The mother earnestly played up the goldeness of the pixie wings and the fluffiness of the tutu, and even offered up a special hairdo to accompany the costume.  However, it was to no avail.  The pixie stood strong on her "need" for the extra accessories.  The mother also held firm and agreed only to some new tights.
     Finally, the night of All Hallows arrived and the pixie was ready - fully pixied up.  After a night of tremendous generosity by the pixie's neighbors, the little girl quietly removed her costume and climbed into bed.  As the mother was tucking her little girl in and brushing the glitter away from her eyes, the pixie had one more thought on her mind:  "Mama, It's okay that you didn't get me all the extra stuff - and it's okay that you couldn't find the magic pixie dust.  I think you were even a little mad at me.  But I just wanted to tell you that I pretended to have magic pixie dust all night, but I didn't actually need it because I already have the best Mommy and Daddy in the whole wide world.  With a big yawn and a tired hug, the pixie fell fast asleep.  And the Mommy lived happily ever after... knowing that she too doesn't have a need for magic pixie dust because she already has the very best pixie in all the land.
The end.

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  1. Oh I love this!!! Those little pixies are the best:)