Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hide and Be Found

Hide and Go Seek is SO much more fun as an adult than as a kid.  On Monday night, we let the kids choose a game to play after eating dinner.  I really wasn't in the mood to go squinching into small, dark spaces and then waiting to be found... or to go looking for children and a husband who were just chomping at the bit waiting to bust out of somewhere and scare the peewaddin out of me... until... I found the perfect hiding spot.  On round 3 of this caper, I found the best spot ever... no one could find me.  The best part was that I could see though the space behind the back of the dresser and the wall exactly how hard the kids were trying to find me.  There was much consternation.  They kept asking me to make a noise so they could have a "hint" as to where I was.  On most occasions, I am pretty good natured about letting the kids win whatever game we are playing, but for some reason that night, I was not willing to give in... to the point that my ankles and knees were burning in pain from the position I was in.. but I was holding on... I would not give up my hiding spot. 
In all the time I had to think while hiding, I decided now was not the time to be found because I was in the perfect place.  When we play in the future... I could win again... and again... and again.  If I could ignore the searing pain in my joints for just a little longer, the Hide and Go Seek Championship Legacy would be mine!  The kids were starting to get angry.  It looked and sounded as if there might be a mutiny.  I hung on.  Finally, they went downstairs and I was able to slowly untangle myself from out of the hamper.  I nonchalantly meandered downstairs as they were still looking for me.  When they saw me, they were astounded and begged for me to give up my spot.  No way.  Wouldn't do it.  This match goes to the mom!
Next day.  I was separating clothes and getting ready to do the laundry.  I found this little tiny scrap of paper crinkled within the whites with my six-year-old's handwriting on it.  This is what it (cryptically) said:
"I no this is yor spot mama.  I wnt tel Joseph!"
She's either got a career in acting or special agent spy work just waiting for her.  So I didn't actually win the game, but I don't know if it was the loss or the being outsmarted by a first grader that hurt worse...

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