Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick or Cape

Pumpkins carved... check.  Pumpkin seeds roasted... check.  Caramel apples eaten... check.  "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" watched... check.  Feeling pretty good about myself - makin' memories with the kids... ahhh, yes... it's good to be a mom.
Bump, bumpity-bump, bump, bump.  This is the sound I hear coming down the stairs exactly 45 minutes after my son was put into his bed and supposedly sleeping.

Mom, we have a situation!

What's that?

Remember when you cleaned out my room?

Yes?  (Hard to forget because of the ongoing need for this activity)

I think you gave away my Darth Vader mask.  I can't find it anywhere!

No, no, no - I just put it further into your closet because you said it was freaking you out at night, remember?

Yeah, Mom, but it's not there.  The Halloween party is tomorrow... what am I going to do?
Well, let me check... here it is, Honey... no worries.  It's already for tomorrow.  You can go to bed now and sleep peacefully knowing you are all ready.

What about the cape, Mom?


Yes, you said you were going to sew me a new cape because Dad threw out last year's cape... remember?

Of course... yes... THAT cape.  Just go to bed and you can try it on in the morning.
So during the second showing of Bravo's Housewives of Beverly Hills at 11 pm, I am sewing a cape.  Mind you, I don't sew.  I have a black sheet and white thread, a needle, and that's it.  I am doing my best and will triumph over my lack of sewing skills.

At 12 am, I am just finishing up when I hear another clumsy set of bumps rolling down the stairs.


Why are you still awake?

I'm really sorry... but I think we have a situation.

Another one?

Just kidding.

Why are you up?

I just wanted to see how the cape was coming!

Try it on quick and then up to bed with you!

We throw the ramshackle sheet cape onto his shoulders and immediately he is transformed into a Dracula, Darth Vader Ninja.

Mom!  This is SO cool, I love it!!  I can't wait to wear it - thank you Mama!!!!

You're welcome, go to bed, I love you.

It is now 9:00 am.  We are at school (which is 25 minutes away from our home) in the drop-off line.  Van doors are opening to let children out.



Where's my cape??

Didn't you put it in your school bag?

I don't have it ...  I'm really sorry mom... can you get it...? Please?

Cape seamstress, no.  Enabling mom who seems to love the inside of her van, yes.  After visualizing the complete delight in his eyes after slipping on that sad excuse for a cape and swooshing around the house like a super hero in the wee hours of the morning... how could I deny him?  There's only so long in a child's life when a cape is magical... and when a mom has stayed up all night making sure that magic happens.


  1. How could Dave have thrown away my handiwork from last year? That was a really great cape! Hee-hee

  2. I am very impressed that you just happened to have a black sheet handy!