Friday, October 1, 2010

To Bee or Not to Bee

First, yesterday's excitement with the diggers tuned out to be the neighbor's new sod.  Phew! 

Second, it is the first day of October and my daughter announced her goal for the month:
Mom, I think it's time that everyone should have wings - even in the south pole, Mom - I know there is penguins there already, but their wings are all rubbery and flippery. Then everyone could fly to everyone whenever they wanted and they wouldn't even have to step through that metal box! 


You know, the one that clicks when you take your shoes off... at the airport.. and Mom, I think you should have pink fairy princess wings.

Why? (Feeling all aglow with the obvious admiration)

Because since you're probably too big to fly, you could be like that big bee that stays home while all the other bees buzz and stuff.

Oh.... So nothing will really change for me, right?  I'll just have big, fluffy wings to contend with while I'm vacuuming?

Of course not, Mom...  you can just put your wings in a pocket or something while you vacuum.

Well that sounds... fun.

I know, Mom! We can get a little cart or something for you and bunch of balloons, and we can attach 'em and stuff, and then you can come with us!!

So what began as a fresh start to the first of the month slid quickly downward - into being an obese mama bee who is schlepped around in a cleaning cart by her offspring.  Nice.  I think we have had enough goal setting for one month.

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