Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Datsuns, Citations, and Pacers - Oh No!

Overheard in backseat while driving the carpool:
"Dude!  Look at that old car!  That is so super old!  That car is probably really rare!"
It was a Chevy Citation.
So after recovering from the realization that cars driven in the 1980s are actually kind of old now, I began to reflect on my days being driven around in a white Chevy Citation.  Yes, we had one.  It was the first car we owned that had cloth seats - that was a big deal.  No more hard, slippery seats that sent me sliding across the backseat into the arms of my annoyed older sister every time we turned a corner.  Gotta miss that.  Oh, and the warmth factor - that was pure luxury to actually have the opportunity to warm up while on the way to church.  Yeah... that was a car I liked - but it truly paled in comparison to the Datsun 210 that was yellow and sported simulated wood grain paneling along the side.  Now that was a ride.  My kids actually hit the top of the car ceiling with the back of their hand when they spot a yellow car now - that's how freakish it is to them to see such a sight - it has to be announced and then documented with a bang on the ceiling.  I didn't feel freakish driving it - it was zippy - and I certainly didn't tell them that was the second yellow car we owned.
My best friend in high school got to drive a custom painted conversion van - and I actually thought it was kind of cool. It was red and looked very "Electric Company-ish" with two-tone designs painted on the side doors.   I had another friend that drove a rig we called "The Ambulance."  That was a two-story job - you know, the vans that you could stand up in, but just in the middle.  Hers was white with blue and red striping on the side.  Looking back on it now, it's kind of like we were trying to out-do each other by trying to have the ugliest car.  That's how twisted we were - it was either have the ugliest car... or the biggest glasses - I'm so lucky - I had both!!

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  1. I was just telling a story about "Herbie" in College Writing yesterday...and today one kid came back and told me that his mom remembers that car! I didn't even say anything about the heart-shaped dot over the "i"--he asked me about it, so I think his mom really did remember that car.