Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The First Dirty Joke

So I take my kids to the library like a good mom does.  We decided to look for audio books for our commute to and from school.  Aah... yes, here we are, Diary of the Wimpy Kid - Joe's read these - should be good.  Right?  Sure, if your the kind of mom who enjoys listening to middle school ignorance and cruelty for 25 minutes each morning and another 25 minutes on the way home.  Oh, well... I figure - these are good talking points - we can discuss why the protagonist is making good decisions or not so good decisions - good spring board for random conversation... right?  And, heck, my six year old has already informed me that she knows everything already anyway - should be nothing new to her.

Two days straight of Diary of the Wimpy Kid - nothing we can't handle yet.  Until this morning...  approximately 30 seconds before I drive up to the school lane to drop them off.  Here's the joke: "Doctor, can I have a new butt?" (I don't even let them say this word - we're so medieval that we still say "bun-buns" or "bottom.") Punchline: "...because this one has a crack in it!"

Backseat: Nothing..."Giggle, giggle... hee, hee ... no sound... SNORT!"  Full on laughter - more snorting...   So now my usual "Have a great day, do you have your lunch, I love you, see you after school" goodbye - has turned into a frantic, "I know that's funny, but don't say that joke at school, have a good day, I love you, I mean it -don't say that to anyone - you will get in trouble, see you after school!"

As I am pulling away, the automatic van door is closing and the kids are walking up to the front door, I hear my youngest say to the nine year old, "I can't believe he said, 'This butt has a crap in it!'  What's a crap anyway?"

Nice.  Score one for Super Mom.


  1. Hahahahahahahaha! Love, Love Love it! Gotta appreciate the first dirty one, cause it is actually funny. Just told the hubby, he is going to use it at the office. Are we going to tell the kids? NO WAY! I'd shoot them the "that is so inappropriate look" then crack up as I drove away.

  2. Hey there! Finally found the slip with the web address on it! I loved this one. Had to read it to Katie over the phone and could hardly get through it I was laughing so hard!

  3. Hey Crazy Uncle M - good to hear from you! What I really want to know is if that one tops sweet breads and falafel? Have a great Friday!