Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Appraiser

So the appraiser is milling around the house.  The plan is that all the snooping around, sketching and calculating of random figures will yield the numbers we need to complete a successful refinancing of our mortgage - so we can take advantage of the bargain basement interest rates that are available at this time.  The kids have hidden themselves away somewhere in the basement - I mean "lower level" - as I believe this man makes them nervous.  The hardwood floors are gleaming, organization is at its best, and the soft scent of a pumpkin pie candle is wafting through the air.  As I am trying to make myself appear to be a responsible, deserving of high appraisal, homeowner - I sweetly call down to my children to ask them what they are doing in the "lower level."  I stand at the top of the stairs only to see them lying on their stomachs at the bottom of the stairway peering into a small rip in the carpet that covers that last step.  Before I can reach them, they promptly answer me (quite loudly), "We're checking for mice!!  We think there is something living in this hole, Mom - come check it out!"
I don't think I will tell my husband that not only did I forget to mention that we had special, high efficiency, break the bank, entry doors installed - when asked about improvements we have made to our home (all I could think of was that we put up a few ceiling fans) but that our children also offered up a possible rodent infestation.

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  1. Tomorrow I sign the papers for refinancing my home, so I know how hard you worked to make the place look nice. Unfortunately, I don't think all the cleaning makes much difference. It certainly didn't do enough to bring up the bottom line to where it had been four years ago when I bought the house. I hope you do well!