Thursday, September 9, 2010


This is how you know you have officially converted from a work-outside-the-home-professional to Mama Extraordinaire: You think nothing of spending the entire 25 min. drive time to school talking with your six and nine year olds exclusively about the intricacies of how mice are lured into a trap and then how they die - specifically.  These were the last questions we were pondering:
Maya: "Mom, what if the mouse takes the cheese and then turns to run away very fast?  Mouses don't die if just their tail is snapped, right?" 
Joseph: "I just can't believe how small the traps are... if we ever get a mouse, I am going to put zip-loc bags on my hands and throw him... Mom, where do you throw a dead mouse?"
Maya: "I would just release him back into the wild... wait... do raccoons eat mouses?  Nana says a raccoon will eat anything!"
Joseph: "Why are we talkin' about this?"
Maya: "What if another mouse comes by to see what all the snappin' is about and sees his friend all stuck and everything - can he help him or is that against the rules?"
Mama: "Oh, look, here we are at school... keep your questions in you pockets and we will pick this up later when I pick you up from school." 
Am I serious?  Do I want to get to the bottom of any of those questions?
Hopefully their pockets have holes in them.

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