Saturday, April 24, 2010

Random Bits

When I was growing up, it was very typical to have small rivets and screws on the tops of dressers, the top of the refrigerator and rolling around in the junk drawer.  Where and what these bits were from were often unknown and were eventually thrown out... or relocated.  I thought this was a normal phenomenon for everyone... until I met the man I would marry.  Odds and ends don't fit into his schedule or organization system.  If there's an errant screw or nail rolling around anywhere, it is immediately picked up, examined quickly and then thrown out if it's use cannot be identified within 3 seconds of picking it up.  There is a place for everything and everything (come H*ll or highwater) should be in it's place.
So I have learned to either hide the tiny pins and earring backs I might need some day - or quickly throw them away hoping I will never need them again.  Herein lies today's subject: the pocket contents of a nine year old boy and his attachment to those contents - knowing that if they leave his pockets, they may immediately disappear into thin air.  As Chief Executive and Operating Officer of the Washing Machine, I have decided to protect the interests and future opportunities of the nine year old.  I have now collected enough bits and pieces of legos, rocks, marbles, staples, small toys, felt scraps, foam darts, and fishing gear to build a robot that would probably wash the clothes for me.  So today when I found two teeny, tiny light bulbs on the top of Joseph's dresser carefully hidden behing a picture frame, I was ecstatic!  If I put these with the rest of the hidden collection - I will have eyes for my robot!!
What has become of me?  Domestic Engineer turned Double Agent

Silver Lining:  I hear the pay is better...

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  1. I hate that put that comment up. Your writing is so funny and keeps people coming back for more. Ignore your older sister's stupid nagging.