Friday, April 23, 2010

Bad Timing

I have walked through the water.  This must have been my "hero's journey."  I just finished my 5 mile walk only to be washed down my street - literally.  Yes, the day came.  The near-sighted walker who was wearing her old sunglasses that don't supply the prescription power needed anymore (because - get this - she couldn't SEE her other glasses lying on the counter) met up with a rather oblivious city worker who decided to flush the fire hydrant in the "hero's" front yard as she was making her way UPHILL to her home - supposedly a place of peace and rest.
Yes - I am wet.  Am I beaten? No.  The city worker will live to see another day - because he didn't die of laughter - yet.  That will be a slow death that happens over and over and over again in his dingy breakroom where all city workers go to eat their lunches and to tell their best stories of the day.

Silver Lining: No need to shower now...

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  1. Julie, this is hilarious! I've always admired your comedic story telling ability. You've inspired me to start writing again! love, Vanessa