Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Spork

What possesses a child at the age of six to proclaim to her mother, "I think I would like to use only sporks from now on..." ??  Whaat?  "Yes, Mom, I said sporks.  They are good because they are like two things in one and they are funny looking.  I also think they should be made for American Girl Dolls - you know, little ones with teensy weensy sharp points."
So I am thinking about this and the logistics of making a wholesale change in utensils.  This is what I think: Sporks are NOT good because they AREN'T like two things in one - they are like NO things when it comes to purpose.  They don't really stab anything AND then there are those spiky little things on the end that poke your tongue while you eat...yum...mmmmm... ow!... nothin' like eatin' salad with a spork.

Silver Lining: This too shall pass... I think...

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  1. Julie- You make me smile every time I read your blog!