Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things we are oblivious to...

I'm wondering: Is being oblivious better or worse than being ignorant?  Oblivious sounds like a much nicer version of ignorance.  The saying should be: "Obliviousness is bliss." But that's quite difficult for those of us who are blessed with the ever-so-slight hint of a lisp.
Still, I think I'd rather be oblivious - and this is why: It gets you off the hook for missing something - ignorance places you directly on the hook and then stares you down.
Things I am oblivious to:
1. people with mean agendas - I was in complete shock when someone stole my hubcaps in college
2. the fact that a paint stirring stick actually has one side of it shaped to be used as a handle - who knew?
3. the disorganization of my refrigerator - you can put mustard in the crisper if the door is full - right?
4. the existence of the mail carrier - I could go days without checking my mail if it weren't for the little people that cohabitate with me
5. my running shorts - I wore them inside out on a walk around my neighborhood once - pockets flapping and everything - no idea.
6. criminals -   in high school, a girl (that evidently had a rap sheet - or at least her fingerprints on record at some county jail) surprised me in the library by popping up out of nowhere in my face and telling me that she was going to "smack the blankity blank snot out of me if I didn't stop giving her blankity blank dirty looks."  I had never seen that girl in my life before our lovely encounter - not once - however, I had just been fitted with contacts that weren't quite working for me and that caused me to blink quite a bit and open my eyes in odd contortions quite regularly. Must have been contorting in her direction.  Bad eyesight goes hand in hand with obliviousness - just so happens, I suffer from both.  I didn't end up getting mamed in the library - but I did start to embrace my glasses more - and eventually ditched the contacts - probably saved my life.

Silver Lining: I don't ever have to mow our lawn again - turns out I was oblivious to some small shrubbery and the lines that make your lawn look like a checkerboard golf course.  Being oblivious has its advantages.

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  1. loved the library story, I can just picture it... this blog sure keeps me happy!