Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Middle age bites...

"You're still pretty good..." said the third grader as he walked over to where the mom was washing dishes.  "Hmm... what do you mean?" asked the mom.  "You know because you are in the 40s now," he replies.  "What?" asked the mom.  "Mom, I mean you can still get me - I'm not too fast for you yet - you know, you're still really active," says the third grader with a hint of frustration.  "Oh, you mean I'm still pretty alive for being 40?"  Wow... that was a hit... thought the 40 year old mom... with a hint of frustration...
"Well, when Dad wrestles us, he just sort of tickles us.  When you wrestle us, you really try to get me - and you're better at it than Dad," explains the third grader.  Ahhh... now the mom feels kind of old... but not as old as her husband.
Oh - and the wrestling thing - the mom only wrestles kids in the snow when they put snow down the back of her coat.

Silver Lining: Good thing the mom can still see well enough to type - even though she's already 40.

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