Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Something Lost and Found

Today's prompt: Tell about something you lost that you were very thankful to find.
Man, I've lost so many things throughout my years... it's hard to just pick one.  My most recent scenario highlights the goodness of strangers.  A year ago, I had stopped at Sam's Club to pick up a few (large) items when all of a sudden, I noticed my purse was not in my cart.  Did I leave it in the car?  Did I even bring it along on this trip?  Did someone take it while I was perusing the 600 lb. vat of laundry detergent? Oh, no.  I must have my credit card stopped and my bank account frozen immediately.  I'm sure that some bandit has already stolen my identity, stolen my car, and has gone a wild spending spree at a pawn shop.  The blood has now drained completely from my face as I head out to my car to start the search.  I explain to the "gatekeeper" where I was going and gave her a quick description of my purse - and headed out to the parking lot.  On my way out there, I am suddenly stopped by a Sam's Club employee.  He asks me if I have lost a purse and if I can describe it.  I do and he hands it over.  I am forever indebted to this man.  Now... where did I lose it?  Turns out, I put it in the baby seat part of a cart (I'm starting to remember now... it's all coming back) but couldn't get that particular cart free from the herd - so I chose another cart.  Without my purse.  Smart.

Silver Lining: In Minnesota, you can wear a winter hat, and call it good - no shower needed.

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