Monday, February 8, 2010

Ahhh... The Tooth Fairy

With a wiggle and a twist, we are in need of a tooth fairy visit.  My eight year old is beyond excited and can't wait for the tooth fairy visit!  I'm thinking to myself: he's almost nine - he's probably just in this for the financial gain.  Nope.  Not so.  Before we can even get the bleeding stopped, he has rounded up a paper and pencil to start a special letter to the Tooth Fairy:
Dear Tooth Fairy,
Can you please leave my tooth with me.  I would like to show it to my teacher.  She hasn't seen a little tooth like this for a loooooooong time.  It's snowing out so I hope your wings don't get tangled in the snow - even though I know that you are magical and you probably have a little wing coat.  Also, can you tell me where you live?  (he left a pencil hanging by a string on the paper) Also, my sister wants to lose a tooth too - can you make hers more wiggly?  I love you,
This was all accompanied by twinkly, wide eyes and excited running from one room to another.  At about 3:45 am, I have a visitor in my room whispering to me, "Mom! The tooth fairy came!"  And he showed me where he lives! I think I can finally go to sleep now!!"
Thank goodness the Tooth Fairy remembered shortly before 3 am when she got up to make a trip to the bathroom - she also remembered to cut out a picture of a fairy-like home from a catalog and tape it to the note.  Joseph wondered this morning if there would be more clues - like a teeny tiny scissors and teeny tiny glue stick - around the kitchen this morning.
The magic still lives... at least until the next tooth.

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