Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Korean in Minnesota

So Joseph is playing 3rd grade basketball in a low pressure non-travelling league.  He's eight.  This is a relatively new concept to him - not only to dribble, pass, and shoot - but to run specific plays and play several games a week.  In the last few weeks, he has been working on guarding and staying with his "man."  This has proven to be a bit difficult for several of the kids - but especially, Joseph.  He's having a great time, and doesn't seem to be the least bit stressed at all. Which is good...right?  After a particularly hard game to watch, I have a discussion with him about guarding his guy and getting in between his guy and basket (because, you know, I played rec. BB at the YMCA when I was 11 - I know these things).  I asked him if he understood what he was supposed to do - and he answered, "Yeah, Mom.... but it's hard...  I asked him why.  In his very 8 year old voice and most earnest look on his face, he said, "Well, Mom it's hard because they all look alike."
Said the Asian about the Minnesotans.  Enough said. 

Silver Lining:  Joseph announced to me that it doesn't matter what the Groundhog sees because we are going to have 6 weeks of winter no matter what.  And then his Kindergartener sister replies, "That groundhog should just stay in his hole until he can say the truth."
Yeah, so there.

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