Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day

Describe your best Valentine's Day
Hmmm... I guess my answer to that is - any of my 39 Valentine's Days that DID'NT involve awkward dinners or gifts from dates who were just as disillusioned as I was - or anything involving the consumption of red beer out of quart size cups.
Actually, my favorite Valentines came from my Grandpa.  He would come up with a new idea each year and always hand-deliver them.  I still have one that he made from a sheet of copper.  He cut it into the shape of a heart and then engraved a face and a valentinish greeting on it and then signed it: Love RKP (his initials)
I tried to recreate this project for him and my Grandma the following year - however using a piece of scrap metal without the engraving tool - didn't produce the same results - so after incurring a small gash on my pinky - I resorted to a piece of material and a marker.  Nothing says "I Love You" like a wrinkled remnant of lavender corduroy with a bumpy message on it.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Silver Lining: The photo to the right depicts my son singing a Valentine song to me when he was in first grade - is there a better costume that depicts love?

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