Thursday, February 11, 2010


So we are on our way to gymnastics and I am startled by, "Mom! There's a hawk!  There's another one!!"  Yeah, wow - hawks are big - good eyes kids, I say.  A few beats later, "Is it illegal to kill birds?" the third grader wonders.  Without hesitation, the kindergartener answers, "Well, Joseph, it depends on what you are, right Mom?"  Hmm?  "You know, like if you're a bear or something, it's not illegal, right, Mom?"
Yes, Maya, it's not illegal if you are a bear to kill a bird.  That's how animals survive - by eating other animals sometimes.
".... Mom? Do we have bears by gymnastics?"
Only on Wednesdays, Maya, when there's a special at the gym for bears only - you know, to get their exercise so they can kill more birds...
No wonder my kids are goofy - they have to put up with me.
Back to the painting I started well over a week ago...

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  1. I know you spend A LOT of time in the car with the kids, but these are the kinds of stories you're going to love re-reading again when they're older. I just went back and reread a couple of stories from last fall that I'd forgotten about already.

    I can remember Mom asking me once, when I was probably 8 or 9, what I would be if I had been born somewhere else. She was thinking India; I was thinking a dog on a farm.