Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Magic Tricks

So Joseph is up at the crack of dawn this morning practicing magic tricks from a book his teacher let him borrow.  At 6 am, this is what I hear in my ear while I am still in bed, "Mom, come and see my magic tricks - should I start with the wet ones or the dry ones?"  Hmmm...
I would like to start with the wet ones - so we head down stairs in the dark of dawn and the show begins.  The tricks are fabulous - pouring water into a magazine wrapped around a cup, a magic coin taped to a washcloth - this one truly did fool me - and then came my favorite: The coin appearing in mid-air under a self-made paper tray.  First he says, "Mom - we have to go somewhere dark for this to work!"  I suggest maybe we just turn off the lights. "Oh - good idea, Mom!"  Next I see a coin taped to a piece of fishing line swinging from the end of a piece of paper - so I say, "Hey, Honey - I think it's not working because you are wearing a dark bathrobe and I can see the fishing line in front of it." Oh this isn't a problem.  Without another thought, Joseph drops his robe and in a flash the magician is now confidently performing the "trick" sans robe clad only in his camo undies. The g-rated wet/dry tricks have now become either a PG-13 show or a teachable moment about modesty.  No matter - the magician seems completely unaware of his clothing malfunction and is ready to continue.  After a few more tricks, Joseph tells me that this book about tricks and such is the best book he's ever read!  I agree with him: this is the best morning I've had in awhile - who knows, maybe I have the next big Vegas show blooming right here in my kitchen...

Silver Lining: the Halloween candy has officially been removed and/or eaten - on to the next holiday of chocolate!

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  1. Where's the cute picture of Maya? I love looking at it in the middle of my day!!

    Thanks for the updates...I missed them!