Thursday, November 12, 2009

Parent/Teacher Conferences

As a teacher myself, I can truly appreciate the kind phrases we write on report cards as to not hurt the feelings of the Kindergarten parents.  My favorite about my daughter: "Maya's desire to lead causes conflict with the other leaders in our classroom at times."  Translation: Maya is large and in charge - does not back down - does not want to be told to back down.  Next one: "She is conscientious of the rules and an adept enforcer."  Translation: Knows the rules - makes sure others follow the rules - if they don't, she could bust a gasket and scream the rule in their face.  Ahhh... to be young again...

Silver Lining: My kids love school and school loves them - it's a happy relationship. They also like the vibration of the washing machine...hmmm..

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  1. I check everyday for updates! Where are you?