Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The double meanings of so many words...

Do you go to the press with a breaking story or do you press the magic button and win a prize?
Are you up at bat when disaster strikes and you suddenly need to use the bathroom - or do you simply notice the bat flying across the movie theater screen as you are watching "Jaws"?
What about pen?  Are you scared because all of the pigs were released from their pens at the Iowa State Fair when you were only nine years old?  Or are you simply laughing because your best friend in 5th grade math class had a pen explode in their mouth while chewing the end of it?
Do you bid clubs while playing 500 or do you hit a caveman's potential food with a club?
Is my fly open or is their a fly in my soup? (The fly in the soup seemed to happen quite regularly on Sesame Street).
Finally, do you band together while walking through a haunted house or do you simply flip someone else's disc to show they are present and accounted for before band practice starts? (this was the attendance strategy in high school band in 1985.)
This is the problem with the English Language and trying to teach it to someone who is trying to learn it.  My favorite memory of my sister teaching ESL to some Hispanic students during her first teaching job in California has everything to do with exactly that.  She told of a time when she was trying to teach idioms to her non-English speaking students.  The idiom of the day was "keep your eyes peeled."  This sent at least one of her students to the bathroom to throw up - because why in the world would someone try to peel their eyes?? 
Just another random thought from your friend, Julie...

Silver Lining: 60 degrees of sunshine in November - need I say more?

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