Friday, October 2, 2009

When you become rich and famous, what's the first charity to which you'll make a donation?

This is what's great about being an American - everyone has a cause - from securing space so that chickens can move about freely during their numbered days... to growing their hair to make wigs for those who have lost their hair to traumatic medical therapies.  There are so many in need - which gives us all an opportunity to choose a need and make it our cause.
And then there are needs that are worthy but sometimes annoying.  For example, right now I have no less than 4 order forms on my kitchen island with my kids' names stamped officially on them.  They are supposed to be hitting the pavement to sell popcorn, Christmas wreaths, and coupon books.  So in addition to our church, the Lupus Foundation, and Ilsan Children's Home in Korea - my next donation would be to whomever sends home an order form with my kids.  My idea of fundraising is this: kids rake leaves, mow lawns, shovel driveways - get paid for their hard work - give their cash to the "Order Form of the Day."  Service plus hard work equals moms and dads pleased enough with their children to kick in some cash of their own.  Problem solved - no cookie dough, popcorn, coupons, pastries, calendars, greeting cards or otherwise taking up the space of a lawn mower, shovel or rake.

Silver Lining: It's sweater season!

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