Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Remember Me?

I must have a face that looks like everyone else's or a face that doesn't ring anyone's bell.  Ironically, I have a very good memory for faces, and have a terrible habit of telling people how I remember them when they have absolutely NO idea who I am.  It's a very humbling to tell someone that I had three of their children as students in Kindergarten - while they study my face with a wondering far-off look and in a very disconnected way they say, "Uh-huh."
Then there's the, "Do you work at Target?" (I've got to stop wearing khaki and red!) or "Do you have a brother that I used to play hockey with?" (No brother.  No hockey.)  Or my favorite, "Did you cut my hair at Cost- Cutters?  Because you look JUST LIKE the lady that cut my hair - dead ringer!"
More often, it goes like this, "I know you don't remember me, but we were in 2nd grade reading group together - remember, I used to wear a Winnie the Pooh dress every Wednesday?"  After a confused look, I usually just head for an aisle, a seat, or the nearest drink and wonder, "Why do I do that???"
I may not remember what I had for lunch today, but I remember you.

Silver Lining:  I got a nice little catnap in the woods this afternoon while I was hiding and my kids were seeking.  Turns out they weren't seeking me too actively because when I decided to get up and make sure no one was worried about me, I found them happily building a fort together  - "Oh, Hi Mom, we couldn't find you."  I guess I have raised them to either be self-sufficient.

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