Monday, October 5, 2009

What story would your chin tell?

I think my chin would have a few questions for me... like:
What were you thinking when you were learning to ride your bike?  Did you think I came equipped with bumpers?
Or - why didn't you just leave me alone while you were studying during your college years - do I look like an excavation site to you?
My chin may also tell me how much it likes to be held by my five year old when she has something really, really important to tell me.  My chin has probably seen scary things coming it's way before they could be stopped like - a swinging door or a desk as I was leaning down to retrieve some errant piece of paper - or that @#%* mantel that's had it out for me.
I'm guessing Jay Leno's chin might have a few more stories than mine.

Silver Lining: The FOURTH outfit Maya tried on for school pictures this morning did not make her "look hideous."  Who really cares that she wore it twice last week as well - everyone needs a uniform, right?


  1. Was SHE saying that her outfit looked "hideous"? Did she use that word?

  2. Julie... Where are all the updates, pal? Are you off of the grid?