Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm Back!

Small hiatus - but now I am back from my travels.
I can't believe I was afraid of ...
going down the bathtub drain.  As a young child I was known to take a rather leisurely bath - complete with wrinkled up fingers and toes.  I am assuming that my mom, in jest, told me that I would slide down the drain when she pulled the plug if I didn't get out.  I am guessing I took this to heart.  The second I saw anyone even leaning toward the drain pull, I would risk life and limb to skedaddle as quickly as possible out of the tub.
Now here's the funny part: even as a zygote, I am sure I was bigger than the drain opening - I have never been a person of small stature -  so where's the common sense in thinking that I could slip down a drain never to be heard from again?

Silver Lining: Learned a little about the kids at the school my children attend today.  I volunteered to sit in for the secretary and sat at the front desk all morning.  Comments passed on to me as I dutifully waited for the phone to ring:
"My brother thought these were pajamas - but I told him that a monkey could wear this outfit."  Hmmm...

"Are you Joseph's mom?  Can you draw a horse?  Did you bring a lunch? Where do you live?  Have you ever seen a polar bear?  Can I go to the bathroom?" (that was all in one breath)

"Have you ever tried Emergency pills?  They cure EVERYTHING - even my chicken pox.  I never had the chicken pox.  Someone had the chicken pox.  I think."

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  1. You should have told the polar bear kid that you've seen The Saddest Polar Bear in the World at the Como Park Zoo.