Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Joseph: Is today Tuesday, Mom??
Mom: Why, yes it is - why do you ask?
Joseph: Today we get our book order!!
Mom: Are you sure?
Joseph: Yes! We turned them in yesterday and she said it would come on the next Tuesday probably!!
This is the way it is with him all the time.  One must carefully watch word use around him.  "Literal" doesn't explain his demeanor effectively enough.  Make sure you NEVER use the words, "I promise."  Because this, my friend, will be taken to his grave if you are not able to deliver. 
Today I was supposed to write about a disappointment - and this made me think of Joseph - because for all the "minor" disappointment he experiences (because of his "literal" affliction) - there are at least ten exciting, happy events that cause him great joy - events that the normal person would not even acknowledge.  He is an eternal optimist despite his literal take on life.  For example, I could say to him, "I need a few magnets for the refrigerator."  And his response would be, "MAGNETS!?  I LOVE MAGNETS!!! Can we go buy them now???" Or: "Do you want pepper on your soup?"  And he would answer with great enthusiasm, "YES!  I LOVE pepper, Mmmmmm, Yesssss - I do love pepper!"
Life is a big bag of disappointment or a party hat full of confetti and candy - choose, but choose wisely.

Silver Lining: I always know where to find magnets and pepper. :)

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