Monday, September 21, 2009

The last time I...

The last time I...
wore my blue cardigan sweater must have been at least seven to eight years ago.  How do I know this?  There was a spit-up stain on the upper part of the right sleeve.  My now eight year old was the only one to constantly leave his mark on everything I owned.  My favorite time was when I arrived at work one day only to notice a big blarp of white on my black fabric slip-ons.  As a Kindergarten teacher, your shoes and feet are constantly noticed by the front row of five year olds sitting at your feet for stories, calendar, and other various learning opportunities. So of course the blarp did not go unnoticed - in fact it became the the question of the day: Does soy-based spit-up wash off?  The result:  14 yeses and 7 nos. One of the nay-sayers that day also asked me why I had so many slivers on my legs.  I guess in my whirlwind of hustling an infant, who was apparently not done digesting his formula, out the door - I also neglected to shave my legs properly.

Silver Lining: FOX news is pretty entertaining to watch when the sound is off and there are no captions.  Much eye-brow raising, smirky smiles, and head cocking. I didn't bring anything to read  and forgot my headphones - so I watched the TVs at the Y -  helplessly -  while trying to finish my workout.

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  1. I can't ignore the news scrolling along the bottom of the screen, so even when I'm watching Fox with the sound off at the Y, I'm still upset.