Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A big-time event in your childhood...

Birthdays, Christmas, family gatherings, and of course, ice skating around the ice fishing house were all big events in my childhood.  However, one very memorable event comes to mind that took place at the Iowa State Fair when I was about six years old or thereabouts.
We had completed all the things we wanted to do on our State Fair Checklist:
1. Eat fair food
2. See the biggest pig ever
3. Go through the animal barns and maneuver carefully around the biggest poop ever
4. See the 4-H displays
5. People watch
6. Pick up free stuff in the "As Seen on TV" hall
7. Other random fair stuff
In this particular year, my Dad decided to spice it up a bit and have us all ride the sky ride across the fairgrounds on our farewell tour.  So we waited patiently for our turn to come.  In my 6 year old grogginess, I was unaware of the fact that the sky ride operated in such a way that just scooped up people - it didn't stop to let each rider on safely.  That last point is key.
So as my Dad and sister caught the first ride - I just naively waved to them and went to stand in place.  This is when I noticed these awesome yellow feet someone had so kindly painted just where we were standing.  How coincidental - hmmm...  Just as I was lost in my big footprint thoughts, I feel this rather rude bump across the middle of my back and before I can give someone a sad, pathetic look to convey my hurt, I am being hurled into the air by my Mickey Mouse belt.  The toothless operator is pushing up my feet and my rather surprised Mom is yanking me up by my belt with all the strength she has as I am dangling over the crowd of people who have suddenly become very interested in what is happening right above them.  This is probably one of my first clues to the fact that I was not a petite child -  as I hear my Dad from the seat in front of us yelling to my Mom, "Pull her up, JoAnne - use all your strength!!"
At last, through the efforts of my Mom and the sky ride operator, I was safely seated on the ride - which by now was about over.  It took about 25 years before I attempted that particular ride again.  Big event?  I'd say so.

Silver Lining: Garbage day, broken sprinkler head, no turbo squirt today.

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