Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 9

My Condiments to the Chef! Write about condiments.
Well that's easy, because it doesn't matter how long I'm at the store or who I am with - if I don't have a list, I come home with 90% condiments.  I'm always wanting to lose weight and make healthy dinners for my children, so because I can't decide the 100% whole grain bread and the 23 grains bread... I just buy stuff to put on my bread.  Like organic jams (those are good for you, right?) or brown spicy mustard - another low fat selection.  I also enjoy marinades, powdered fajita mixes, and salad dressing. I have to scrounge around the freezer for some chicken to put them on because I of course did not buy meat.  However, most condiments have a fairly high amount of sodium - so for two days after the big condiment shopping extravaganza, I am wondering why my fingers feel like little fat sausages in casings.

Silver Lining: I found that the pipes under my sink in our master bath were leaking - but luckily this is where I store toilet paper and other absorbent products.  So I may be down a box of panty liners, but no major water damage to cupboard or anywhere else!

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