Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 8

I'm a day behind already - it all just slipped my mind yesterday.  Today's exercise: Write a dictionary-style definition for the word EC-DYS-I-AST:
One who performs activites with the intent of becoming dizzy. Ex. My son is such an ecdysiast. He just loves to pretend that he is chasing his tail.
Now here's the fun - the true definition of ecdysiast is "a striptease artist."  Now that I know this, I can safely say that my son is NOT an ecdysiast.  However, his modesty wanes on most days.  At a very early age, he was known to run out to greet guests in his tidy whiteys.  May have been cute, but hardly an art form.

Silver Lining: After my son was unable to produce any signs of sickness at the doctor today, he was rewarded by missing part of the "best hike ever!" at school.

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