Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 7

Tell the story of what you won when you receive a bright red envelope that says"You May Have Already Won!"
The most I have ever won in anything ever was a two-pack of AAA batteries for participating in a random household survey.  Boy! Did I feel like a winner that day.  I really doubt that anything can top that experience - so I will probably end that story right here where it started.
On another note, my five year old asked my Mom rather flatly without emotion if she knew how to drive today.  Later on she tried to coerce my Mom into a game of Go Fish where one only has to collect two cards that look remotely the same in order to win the game.  And then as I was putting her to bed tonight she revealed that she only talks like a baby sometimes so that I won't feel bad that I don't have any more babies.  Can you say, "Rule Changing Manipulator?"
Silver Lining: This morning's "Red Sky" did NOT mean "Sailors Take Warning" - instead it meant: put on your swimsuit - it's September for pete's sake!!

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  1. ...or how about when she told me that Franny might get lonely sometimes since it's just the two of us, that maybe Franny needs more people around her and then the real question finally comes up: perhaps I'd like to come up for a visit soon?