Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 3

Today's writing mission: I'm supposed to think of someone I don't like, and then send them somewhere, and then receive a postcard from them.  I can't think of anyone I really don't like that much... or I guess I would rather send myself away from people I don't like...hmmm...except maybe the people responsible for all those ridiculous gumball machines and stupid "rides" just inside the entrance of grocery stores and the like.  Obviously, not only were those people interested in making money, but also have a sick sense of humor.  Because, for those of you out there who do not have young children: 
1. Moms love to take their kids with them to buy fruit and toilet paper. 
2. Kids love to roam the non-toy isles of any store.
3. When all that joy has come to an end by having to bag our own groceries complete with an argument that involves only hand signals and dirty looks, ALL moms desperately want to reward their children with a piece of golf-ball size gum that tastes like crap if you are lucky enough to be able to chew into a chewable form - or take time to longingly stare into the claw game with their children and patiently explain for the thousandth time that no one wins those lovely, precious prizes.
So... where shall we send those people?  I'm thinking Navy Pier in Chicago.  Along with 7 tired, hungry, children under the age of seven.  Oh, and each of those people gets two dollars, some random change and some lint to enjoy the entire day.  Let's just forget about the postcard they might send and just assume the time was well spent and enjoyed by all.
Silver lining: At the car wash today, I rolled up the window while the talking money taking machine was still talking to me - so I missed the part about the turtle wax bonus, and was pleasantly surprised. Good times.


  1. This is my comment of the day: Joseph needs to listen to a little of Josh Turner's "Long Black Train" (it's on YouTube). Then he'll know how he can get to heaven.

    The people who manufacture those toy machines are only doing a job, and probably getting paid very little to do that job. Instead, I'd put the managers and executives of the stores who buy those machines on Navy Pier with two dollars and seven children. (We've been studying marxist literary theory in AP, so now I'm becoming more aware of repressive ideologies).

  2. Where's Day Three? What's your Silver Lining today?