Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 4

Well already, I've goofed up the prompt - I though it said "In what area of your creativity do you suck?"  As I was thinking up a few ideas, I reread it and realized it said, "In what area of your creativity are you stuck?"  So I guess it's NOT creative reading.  This made me think of times when I have misunderstood something someone said to me.  For example, just weeks into our wedded bliss, while clearing the table, I was putting something away in the fridge, when I thought I heard my beloved groom say, "Move your ass."  When I responded with hurt yet angry look, his eyes widened and he said, "I said, can I have your glass?"  And since I now know after 13 years of marriage, he doesn't actually think of comebacks very quickly, he has been cleared of that infraction.  
One more - just recently while serving a meal to my parents, my Dad randomly yet flatly announced, "Swordfish."  He has some partial hearing loss - so we'll give him that.  When we all stared at him blankly for a few seconds, I realized I had just asked him, "So,do you want a fork with this?"

Silver lining: After seeing a movie this afternoon with friends, I realized that Sandra Bullock and I do have more in common that just our quick wit and stunning good looks... she has a lisp too.  Very endearing, don't you think?


  1. do you mean that you and Sandra Bullock thare a lithp?

  2. I'm just checking to see if my new Google profile will work. I don't have any comment per se on your blog. Sorry.