Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 2

Okay, so here's the prompt: Write a "New Day's Resolution" (as opposed to a New Year's Resolution).  My first thought would be to stop eating chips while lying on the coach wearing a black t-shirt.  It's not so much about the chips as it is about having a chest riddled with evidence.  And then there would be the obvious: do more for those in need, buy less junk, save the environment one little can at a time...etc.  But I'm thinking bigger.  Why not really try to beat my five year old at Mancala?  Or run a mile with my 3rd grader and say hello loudly to every walker we pass donned with earphones?  These are the important things - the life lessons.  Hmmm...
The silver lining for the day: turns out that Soft Scrub doesn't bleach hair - say if one were cleaning the shower while taking a shower and a certain cleaner somehow blopped out partially on to one's head.

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  1. ...or maybe you could teach your sister how to play mancala without her getting all crazy psycho about the rules.