Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 12

Start your story with:  If you must know...
Yes, I was raised on the set of the ever-popular Gong-Show.  No, no, no.  I was actually raised in a quiet home out in the country by a peace-loving, Catholic- adhering  mother and father and with one older sister - who was not so fond of peace as she was growing up. In fact, she made a lot of noise - and social unrest for the family unit.  I have always looked up to my sister - even as she was slamming doors in my face or screaming at me for borrowing her clothes without asking - who could blame her?
But here's the thing about my sister: she's the one who has always stood up for what she believes in - even if it is an unpopular idea.  She is the one who told me to "get a life" after I had been hiding out in my parent's home, afraid to go out after a major surgery. That happened to be the impetus for me getting my first job as a 4th grade teacher.  She's the one who always tells me the truth about my decisions if I ask her - and sometimes when I don't.  She's the one who enthusiastically cooked me up a hamburger in her meager college apartment while wearing a Hawaiian shirt she was made to wear for her 8-hour shift at a grocery store - at 10 pm when she unexpectedly found me on her doorstep.  She's the one who remembers all the crazy, funny things we did - on our adventures across America as young adults.  She's the one who has let me torment her for years - using her fear of the dark and her gullability as my springboard - for public entertainment.  She knows me better than anyone...anywhere.

Now, I don't agree with everything that she says or does - but I know that she would run into a burning building to rescue me and then probably take no credit for her bravery.  And this is my point: Maybe not agreeing blindly with everybody to maintain harmony is the way to go.  Standing up for what you believe in -  even if it's not popular, and slamming a few doors or even disappointing your parents as a teenager a few times is what we should strive for.  These are the things I still look up to her for.  I'm glad she's a role model for my five year old daughter who already is a bit of a non-conformist.  I'm glad she's my sister - and I don't have to share her with any other siblings.

Silver Lining: My sister would have been a ringer for the Gong Show. :)

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  1. ...thanks. I'm embarrassed but honored. :-)