Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 11

List 6 disgusting things you have found in your refrigerator...
1. frozen, rotten cucumber that started to splurg juices when I picked it up
2. one of my favorites: sour cream that is about 6 mos. past the "Use By" date
3. dead, frozen worms used for bait - that my son was thinking would work if we just let    

    them thaw. (cryogenics at its best)
4. swiss cheese that molded so badly it had grown two small limbs
5. brown coleslaw
6. "frosting" which I later found (after taking an ample lick) to be bacon fat.  That was in my Mom's fridge, however, not mine.  And I was probably 11 years old.  That flavor experience just stuck with me for lots of years.  Lots.
Silver Lining:  I am now married to a man that is likely to hand sweep crumbs off the table into a napkin underneath my chin while I am eating a granola bar - so I it is highly unlikely that he would let anything become disgusting in the fridge.  Yes... we are still married.

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