Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I was craving...

chocolate - of any kind - when I came home from school.  I was in fourth grade and had the worst day ever - or so I thought.  We were working in small groups for some reason and I was sitting on the shelving under the bank of windows that housed various venting units. As we were solving the 4th grade problems of the world,  I got up and heard that awful sound of "rrrrip" coming from my pants.  I had torn a hole in the back of my pants - which was mortifying enough in itself - but I had to take it a step further.  My teacher, Ms. Wagner, was not in the room at the time - so I went out into the hallway to look for her.  When I saw her coming toward me, I got so nervous that I said to her, "Ms. Hole, I have a Wagner in my pants."
So after that stressful day, I was scrounging around looking for something chocolate in our kitchen.  I thought I had found the unnoticed treasure of the world when I found the bakers' cocoa.  After popping open the lid and shoving a heaping teaspoon down my gullet  is when I learned that baker's cocoa is not sweetened. I also discovered that it is very difficult to spit out powdered food - I had a brown "Pig-Pen" type cloud around my head for some time.  Lesson learned.

Silver Lining: We found Maya's homemade  "magic" unicorn/guitar necklace under the seat in the car right before we left for school.  I'm sure she will have a magical day now. :)

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  1. I totally forgot about that ms hole! It made me giggle again when I read it.