Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No Top Shelf for Me

"We're kind of second shelf people, aren't we Mom?'
That is what she asked me as we were perusing the display of dog tags at our local pet store.  I encouraged her to explain further - thinking she was about to define class society - at the tender age of seven.
"Well, you know how the really shiny tags are at the top? And how they are kind of too fancy for a dog that doesn't even know what accessorizing is? (I swear, I am quoting her verbatim) And how you and me like a little shiny, but not too much shiny?"
I nodded for her to continue.
"... and how the ones down here on the bottom are kind of dullish and cheapy looking?  And how you and me like a good deal, but not all fall-apart-y?"
"Well, I think that means the perfect ones are always right on the second shelf... you know, like Baby Bear: not too hot, not too cold... juuuust right."
I just stood there for a minute - a little stunned by her frank summation of my shopping habits - which I have unknowingly passed on to her.  But then I was also pleased with her practicality and sensibility - which surely came from me as well.
With that, she chose a blue, bone-shaped tag, waltzed over to the engraving machine, and promptly picked out the fanciest lettering offered.  Without missing a beat, she looked up at me and said, "Even Baby Bear likes a little bling."
I can't make this stuff up.  We'll see if she's still a "second-shelfer" when it comes to birthday shopping.. stay tuned.

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