Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Super Sparkle Worm Saver Comes to the Rescue

"Mom! Do black and white go together??"  she called from her pink-painted bedroom.  I answered, "Why, yes they do."  Then what happened next is called "The Morning Hustle."  It's a song and dance, performed daily that involves banana oatmeal being dumped into a bowl, the signing of the homework planner, lunches being schlepped into BPA-free plastic containers, a repeating refrain that goes something like this: Where's your socks, did you brush your teeth, do you have your snow gear packed? and then ends with a dramatic two-stepping down the snow-covered driveway, dragging and pushing two ginormous trash/recycling bins through the slush, and shoving them to the curb.  The "Hustle" is then neatly wrapped up by three van doors slamming shut in unison, and the shifting of the Momvan into reverse.
With my foot on the brake, I asked if everyone was buckled and took a look in my rear view mirror to smile at my children and start the day.  This is when a sparkle caught my eye.  It was the sparkle of a cheap, rhinestone-studded tiara atop my seven year old's head.  Upon further inspection, I also noticed a hot pink feather boa wrapped quite stylishly around her neck.  My brain did a quick rewind to the question of black and white going together - asked before the Hustle began.  While this process was happening, my seven year old announced that she LOVES her "worm family" shirt!  She loves it because "I made it all by myself in Kindergarten - and it still fits and it makes me feel all muscly and strong!" 
Are you still with me?  Because here's the shakedown:
Seven year old girl is sporting worn jeans and a black long sleeve t-shirt - which is stuffed underneath a white, too tight, hand-painted worm tunnel shirt that she has now accessorized with a sparkle-studded princess tiara and a ferociously-hot, pink boa.
I guess I sauntered right on by the magic phone booth where that magical transformation took place - or could it be that somewhere between slappin' sandwiches together and looking for lost mittens, a superhero-like princess was born?  Either way, when we arrived at school, she very proudly dismounted her booster seat, slung her backpack over her shoulder, grabbed her sled, and marched forward with her boa draggin' behind her... off to rid the world of evil-doers and worm-haters, I'm sure.
Who knew, "Do black and white go together?" was such a loaded question?

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