Thursday, November 18, 2010

Notes from Joseph

     Years back, when the kids were at the glorious nap taking ages, I would often daydream about washing the day's spit up, sticky fingers and untimely crying fits away by taking some time to play the piano.  Of course, that doesn't work when kids are slumbering away all their grouchiness.  And far be it from me to interrupt those crucial hours.  So, even though my children are past napping ages, I have gotten completely out of the habit of playing the piano.  
     Last night, after working through fourth grade math and mastering the spelling of "isosceles," there was a quiet moment just waiting to be filled with something.  This was it - my chance to play the piano. I started in on some pieces I used to play quite confidently.  However, as I'm sure you can surmise, I was a bit out of practice and playing once easily read lines of music was becoming a laborious, relearning chore.  Not the relaxing experience I was hoping for.  I finally finished a song, feeling a bit beaten and was fishing around for an easier piece when I heard from the kitchen the sound of clapping.  What?  Sure enough, it was Joseph.  "Mom!  That was awesome!  You are really good!"
     It's amazing how just a little encouragement can carry you through and lift your spirits enough to make you feel like a superstar at something.  My ears were hearing only the wrong notes from misplaced, stiff fingers.  Joseph was hearing a tune he liked.  Pretty simple, right?  I continued on for awhile completely enjoying my moment. 
     Later, the evening's events took over and far too soon it was bedtime.  As I was saying my good nights to Joseph, he asked me if I would play again tomorrow night. Why, yes, Joseph, I would be happy to play, what song would you like to hear?  Oh, I don't know... one with loud and soft notes... or just the ones you like.  Doesn't matter to me.  Just play music, Mom.  You shouldn't worry so much, just play.
     Enough said.

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