Monday, October 18, 2010

What's A Girl To Do?

I'm all for fall - believe me - it's my favorite season.  However, there comes a time in the year when I'm just tired of being hot.  I don't have the right clothes for this warm October.  I certainly am not asking for an early (or any) Minnesota winter, but I'm tired of putting on capris and then wondering how awful it would look to wear socks.   What about my quilted tweener jacket with shorts?  Is that okay?  How about a short sleeve sweater with pants? So I put on jeans or khaki capris and a long sleeve t-shirt... everyday.  That's what makes a woman feel really pretty and special - it's all the rage in Milan.
And then there's the "encroachment issue."  This is when you share a not-so-walk-in-closet with your husband and you have 6 seasons of clothing smashed into shelves that are designed for only 1.5 seasons because one day it's 80 degrees and the next morning it's 35 degrees.  So it isn't enough that I'm hot, I can't find the right clothes, and I'm really tired of stewing over what will make me the right temperature - now I am told that my cr*p is "encroaching" into his area because my piles of clothing are smashing down his hats.  When does he wear hats?  Oh, yes, the college era ball cap with a sweat ring - would hate to damage that one.
Socks or no socks.  Scarf or no scarf.  Capris with sweaters.  Wool pants with a cami?  All this "aggravation" just to go to the grocery store.

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  1. I wore socks with capris the other day, sure it looked funny, and people looked at me! I wondered why they were looking at me, and then I realized I had socks on with sandals and capris...I think I might have started a fashion trend...Dewey