Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Random Conversation...

Mom... that's so not fair.


Everyone I know gets to watch Cartoon Network!


Yes!  And they all get to watch Star Wars cartoons too!


Yes! And they get to play whatever they want on the computer.  They don't have a code like we do - they just get to play whatever whenever.


So can I please watch those shows and play computer battle games?

Well, since you put it that way... no.


Listen, I know you don't understand this right now, but you will when you are a Dad someday.  There are just much better ways to spend your time.  And you are so much more creative when you don't spend a bunch of time watching shows.  Trust me.

When I'm a Dad???!!  Mom, I'm only nine! Who's even a Dad when they're nine? 

No one.  You will have to wait until you are Daddy's age.

He's like fifty or something - that will be forever!

How old do you think I am?

Mom, why are we even talkin' about this?  You know how old you are.  You're like twenty or something like that.

Go watch Cartoon Network, Son.


  1. Hilarious! My favorite is that he thinks Dave is like 30 years older than you!

  2. HAHA that worked out better than when I talked to my girl scout troop about aging. One girl asked me... how does it feel to be old. I said "how old do you think I am." She responded, "like 70." Which I should have just left it. I just laughed and said no I am not that old. To my surprise another girl said ... oh your OLDER? Should have just said ... yep am now.

    We have the same conversations in our home. Mainly around how dumb I am about the real world now that Kara is in middle school and knows everything important.

  3. Arrgh! Then he must think I am about 80!