Friday, October 8, 2010

Six year old "Project Runway"

Mom?  Will you get my clothes ready?
Mom?  Can I have some choices?
Sure.  There are two outfits on your bed - you choose.

After, this small exchange, quite a bit of time passed before I saw my six year old again this morning.  Finally, I called her down to eat breakfast - which usually amounts to two crumbs of wheat bread - she's not a morning eater... or a morning talker... or a morning get anything done in a pleasant way kind of person, come to think of it.  When she eventually graced us all with her presence,  it was obvious that she had made a few adjustments to the clothing choices.  Orange and turquoise are nice, don't you think?  To top it off, we had put her hair in braids last night so that she could experience "crazy waves" for the next 12 hours before it all straightens out again.  So, to capitalize on this look, she threw out the hair tie I had left for her, and replaced it with the ribbon that is orange and white and is covered with soccer balls.  So close your eyes (after you read this) and imagine this:
  • Orange shirt with tie-dyed letters spelling "peace" across the front.
  • Turquoise Bermudas that have tiny pink flamingos stitched randomly throughout the material.
  • Crazy wild hair that has now been knotted into a pony tail coming right out the top of or her head - all corn stalk style - wrapped up with a soccer ball studded ribbon.
  • Hello Kitty puddle boots that come to just under her knees. (field trip day)
Here's the thing, I know I would have chosen the same outfit at that age and my mom - God Bless her - would have let me walk out the door as well.  There will be no phone calls from Gap Kids asking to sign her up for a modeling shoot today, but I know she is quite satisfied with her look.  Some days, I am painfully aware that she was indeed born on the the other side of the world and I struggle to see how we may be alike in any way.  Other days (like today) I am truly amazed at how similar she and I are.  She has obviously picked up my fashion sense.

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  1. Love it!!! You didn't take a picture??
    Chloe has my fashion sense too....very ecclectic.
    Have a great weekend!