Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beauty Secrets

   Right now I am waiting for my six year old to finish her shower.  The water has long since stopped running.  I can hear feet doing a little jig and I am sure I am hearing a tune being hummed.  Oh... there it is, I just heard the drawer.  It's for sure. The jig, the tune, and the drawer can only mean one thing:  there will be lip gloss and there is a good chance that sparkle glitter hairspray will be in full use.  You see, my daughter has enjoyed this new found independence of taking her own shower... and the continued process that follows.  The best part is that she doesn't think I am noticing.  She is very careful and oh so subtle with her application of gloss and spray.  She will have also taken the time to apply detangler spray to her soaking wet hair because she loves the scent of "Shiny Apple."  As long as the whole routine doesn't result in the taking of another shower, we're all okay.
   When I was at this age, I too would search for appropriate beauty products after the bath, but while the door was still shut.  I might even wait to drain the tub so as not to be found out right away.  I would climb on to the counter and very quietly open the cupboard door and begin my hunt for beauty treasures.  Here's the thing though: there was no Shiny Apple detangler spray, perfect pink lip gloss or glitter sparkle spritz in 1976.  All I could usually dig up was half a bottle of Oil of Olay Beauty Fluid (why would they use the word "fluid?" That sounds kind of ... clinical), Cocoa Butter - that we were allowed to use to remove our Halloween make-up, an eyelash curler that as far as I could tell was an instrument of torture, and a fingernail buffer - whatever that was.  There was an assortment of lotions and fingernail polishes, but in order to maintain stealth, it was important not to get too involved with heavily scented products.  My favorite find was the Coty powder puff that was the scent of "date night."  My Mom must have used this alongside her Chanel No. 5 because that's what it smelled like - and that's what I wanted to smell like.
   So after an extended bath time, I would emerge from the hallway bathroom with my hair all slicked back Fonzie style, wearing my quilted bath robe, and emitting a mixture of Mr. Bubble and Chanel No. 5 - just in time for Hee-Haw and the Lawrence Welk Show.  I'm sure no one ever noticed... just like I'm so not smelling my expensive conditioner and Lancome lotion right now as my freshly bathed little friend stands next to me. 
   Besides, a lady never reveals her beauty secrets.

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