Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Dreaded Earwig

Ring ring.
Mama: Hello?
Teacher: Hi, this is Joe's teacher.  It seems that he was stung by something at recess.  I think it was an earwig by the way he described it - so it was probably more of a pinch.  We put benadryl and ice on it.  He's fine.  I know he has allergies so I asked him to tell me if his throat feels scratchy, if his tummy hurts, or if his vision gets blurry.  Would you like to talk to him?  He's right here by me.
Mama: Sure.
Joe: Hi, Mom.
Mama: Hi, Honey. Are you ok?  Does it still hurt?
Joe: Uh-huh... Mom?
Mama: Yes?
Joe: I think my throat feels scratchy and my tummy hurts and my vision is a little blurry.
Mama: Have you had math yet today?
Joe: No.
Mama: Hang in there, love you, I'll pick you up after school like usual.
Joe: Rats.

Mean Mama strikes again.


  1. that had me rolling!

  2. Best not to let my children read this post lest they get ideas. They somehow haven't figured out that by coming home (or calling in) sick will get them out of a test. Me, I knew all the tricks when I was in school.