Friday, September 3, 2010

A New Language

My six year old has been experimenting with words lately.  Some of them should be words, just take a look:

1. Concharge - this means to be in control and in charge.  Ex. I would like to be in concharge of my fan in the backseat of the van, please.
2. Repairments - changes that must be made on one's Lego ship.  Ex. Joseph, please hand me the ship in the back, I need to make some repairments before it can fly again.
3. Constreme - a describing word that is the combination of extreme and cool.  Ex. I made a constreme hopscotch on the driveway, and when Joseph did it he needed a break afterwards.
4. Mymopoly - the game of Monopoly in which the 6 year old always gets to start first, always wins and rules are changed on a whim.  Ex. Do you want to play Mymopoly or do you want to just play your regular dumb rules?
5. Ahscarederest - the most frightened.  Ex. I am ahscarederest of being on the wrong soccer team with girls way bigger than me.

Stay tuned - the list is growing.

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