Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Mama and the Dell

A few conversations I would like to have:
Syncing ipod... do not disconnect.
Okay. So what about when I'm "syncing" my thoughts and I keep getting "disconnected" from them because someone wants to know if they can use the old cellphone they found in Daddy's desk drawer for a walkie talkie and someone else is angry because her leotard is itchy and can I fix it RIGHT NOW?!  That sounds like a pretty definitive statement.  I think I will start using it.  "Syncing brain.  Do not interrupt.  Doing so may cause permanent damage."
Would I like to download the latest version of whatever or would I prefer not to be asked again?
Sure... will I notice a measurable difference in the performance of whatever?  Or is this simply to just make me feel like I'm on the cutting edge of computer fashion? If I say I never want to be asked again - does that mean that I will be stuck in a computer fashion rut forever?
Error found on page.
Fine.  Thanks for the explanation.  It's all clear now.
Files cannot be written to CD.
Super, because I don't even have a CD in the burner, a file that needs to be written, and have no idea why you keep informing of the this apparent complication.  I think you have the wrong number.
You are about to view a web page with unsecured information, do you want to continue?
I don't know.  What kind of unsecured information?  Is it the kind that wobbles around when a six year old is cartwheeling through the house yelling, "Sorry, Mom - I just can't stop!"  Or is it more like the kind of information that if I find out about it, someone would have to kill me?  Because those are two very different kinds of unsecured.  Could you give me more details before I make a final decision? 
The page you are looking for cannot be found.
Really.  Come back and tell me that again after you have looked under your bed.

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